SMS Rates

SMS rates from messages sent through Eagle are based on SMS Credits.

Each SMS credit is .14c + gst.

How SMS credits work

A standard SMS message is 160 characters. For messages over 160 characters, Eagle allows SMS messages up to 765 characters by splitting the message into parts of 153 characters each. The SMS is reconstructed on the recipients mobile phone and appears as a single message.

  • For a standard SMS of 160 characters or less, 1 credit is used.
  • For split SMS longer than 160 characters, each split of 153 characters uses 1 credit each.

This table outlines the maximum characters for the corresponding number of credits:

Up to 160 characters 1 Credit
Up to 306 characters 2 Credits
Up to 459 characters 3 Credits
Up to 612 characters 4 Credits
Up to 765 characters 5 Credits

SMS Character Count

The character count is the number of letters, numbers, symbols and spaces in your SMS message. The character count and number of credits that will be used is displayed under the message box. 

Note: The character count may vary if you are personalising your message with form fields. For example, 'Dear {{contact_first_name}}' will dynamically load the contacts first name at the time of sending, so the character count could be 9 characters for 'Dear Mary' or 13 characters for 'Dear Marianne'.

Sending Bulk SMS Campaigns

If you are sending a bulk SMS campaign, please be aware that the SMS rates apply to each recipient. For example, a SMS campaign to 100 contacts that is 250 characters long will be: 100 recipients x 2 credits = 200 credits used.

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