Vendor Reporting

Vendor reports are reports you can generate that have notes, enquiries, inspections and offers on a property.

Video overview

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How to get to the vendor report section

Go into the property, and click onto the vendor report tab.

Vendor report tab

The vendor report section allows you to change the date range, and then data will be shown for that date range. The page will show:
  • How many notes
  • How many enquiries
  • How many inspections
  • How many offers
  • How many website views
  • How many email send outs

How to add data into the vendor report

The vendor report includes all notes, enquiries, inspections and offers on a property. It also includes how many website views and email sendouts a property has been a part of.
When you are adding a note on a property, there is a button "Visible to vendor". If you untick this button, that note, enquiry, inspection or offer won't show up on the vendor report.

How to print or send a vendor report

On the vendor report tab, click the "Print vendor report" button. A pdf vendor report will be generated. To send the vendor report, click the "Send vendor report" button, customise the message you want with the vendor report, and the report will be sent off to the vendor.

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