Contact Groups

To be able to send the right communications to the right people, the most important thing when setting up your database is to setup the right groups for your office.

A group of contacts might be "Vendors" or "Buyers". It also might be "From Melbourne" or "Developer". 
When you first get Eagle, it has these groups already loaded in:
  • Buyer
  • Cold buyer
  • Cold potential vendor
  • Hot buyer
  • Hot potential vendor
  • Investor
  • Landlord
  • Looking to rent
  • Market update
  • Past buyer
  • Past vendor
  • Tenant
  • Vendor
There is no limit to the amount of groups that you can have, and you can put a contact in as many groups as you would like. A buyer may also be looking to sell, so you can put them in the "Potential vendor" group as well as the "Buyer" group.

To add new groups or edit your groups, go to the Contacts section, then on the right hand side of the page, click "Edit". Add, edit or remove groups as you wish, and then when you're finished, click "Done".

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