Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to store extra information about contacts, properties, appraisals and contracts.

For example, you could store a contacts birthday, or the water rights for a property, or the condition of a house in an appraisal.
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How to add a custom field

  1. Go to Admin->Custom Fields
  2. You will see four boxes on your screen, one for properties, one for contacts, one for contracts, one for appraisals
  3. Type in the name of the custom field you would like to add, and click "Add"
  4. If you add a custom field for a property, you can edit it on the "property details" tab when editing a property
  5. If you add a custom field for an appraisal, contact or contract, you can edit the custom field when you are editing

Using custom fields in email, letter and SMS templates

Once you have setup custom fields, you can use them in templates. When you are adding or editing a template, the custom fields will show up the same as any other field.

Click here for more information about creating letter templates.

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