Clone listing

To clone a listing

1. Open the property you wish to clone

2. In the top right corner you will see clone listing 

3. You will be asked what you want the listing to be- click clone listing 

4. You will see a fresh listing for the property with a draft status

The cloned listing will copy all property specific information (Photo's, descriptions, Beds, Baths etc) and delete all listing specific information (Price, Dates, Notes etc) 

When should I clone a listing?

Best practice is to always clone a listing anytime you re-advertise a property that is already in your Eagle account. This will ensure that the property is advertised as a 'New' listing on the real estate portals.

What happens if I change a previously 'Let' property back to 'Active' to re-advertise?

Best practice is to clone listings when you re-advertise, however Realestate and Domain will act accordingly if you do reactive a previously let listing.

Domain & will only treat a listing as 'New' once. If you are re-advertising a previously let property you will need to clone it (therefore creating a unique listing ID) to ensure the listing is advertised as 'New' and gets the appropriate exposure. - A duplicate error will occur if you create a new listing with the same address within 60 days of a previous listing being withdrawn. 

- Do not clone a listing within 60 days of the listing being withdrawn

- After 60 days, always clone the listing


The active portals will not be cloned. The portals will be set to your default selections found in you Eagle Agent admin.

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