How To Import Contacts

Eagle allows you to import all different types of data into your database, including contacts, appraisals, notes, and more.

There are three steps to importing your contacts.

Step 1. Get a spreadsheet of your existing contact data

You may be able to export data from your other software. Please contact your provider where you contact data is currently held for assistance in getting a spreadsheet of your existing data.

Step 2. Get your contacts into Eagle format

  1. Go to CRM tab at the top of the screen
  2. Go to Admin->Data Imports
  3. You will find a link to download a sample CSV file
  4. Download the file. The file must be saved as a CSV format
  5. The column headings must be the same as in the example file
  6. Any date and times must be in the following format: Jun 16, 2017 11:30 or 2017-6-16 11:30 or 16/6/2017 11:30
  7. To import a contact into more than one group, multiple groups can be entered and separated by a semicolon;     - For example, this is how you would import a contact into both the buyer group and vendor group:  buyer;vendor
  8. To import custom fields, the column heading needs to be all lower case, and replace spaces with underscores ( _ ). For example, if you have a custom field called "Favourite Colour", the column heading should be favourite_colour

We provide a data conversion service if you would like assistance with converting data. Please contact our support team on 03 9016 0444 or [email protected] for more information.

Step 3. Upload your CSV file

Then simply upload your file.

You can choose to update existing contacts, or you can skip existing contacts.

If you choose to update existing contacts,  if we find a contact who has the same first name, last name and phone or email address as a contact in your spreadsheet, any data you have in your spreadsheet will override data that is already in Eagle.

If you choose to skip existing contacts, if we find a contact who has the same first name, last name and phone or email address as a contact in your spreadsheet, we will skip it and not update that contact record.

If your spreadsheet is more up to date that your Eagle database, choose "update existing contacts". If Eagle is more up to date than your spreadsheet, choose "Skip existing contacts"

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